Why How to Heal works

How to Heal’s speciality is teaching people how to break the Vicious Circle of Stress. We work closely with our client’s to teach them how to do this and when the circle has been broken enough times – it is possible to generate energy, health, wellbeing and optimum performance.

How we do it

The How to Heal programme treats everyone as a unique individual as we all respond to stress differently.  We take a detailed case study to find out about the issues and the personal Vicious Circle of the client in order to produce a tailor-made plan.

One of the greatest things about How to Heal is that the individual learns to become empowered to change their issues, by learning to recognise the only part of the Vicious Circle that is conscious – the part which affects thoughts and feelings.

The client learns that any negative thoughts and feelings give the Vicious Circle energy. Powerful tools are then taught to change these thoughts and feelings (‘stress habits’) to healthy new behaviour. When practised regularly, neural pathways in the brain learn to unconsciously act on the healthy new behaviour – empowering lasting energy, wellbeing and health.

What are these tools?

There are two main tools used by the employees in their own time to self heal (and over eight supporting tools).  They are based on NLP, CBT and psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI). They are really easy and safe for anyone to use.

Using How to Heal’s unique approach means:

  1. The body starts to produce healing chemicals naturally.
  2. The body’s major systems (particularly your peripheral, immune, endocrine, musculoskeletal and nervous systems) are positively effected.
  3. New neural pathways form in the brain to change the unconscious habits that the illness has been working under to habits of unconscious wellness instead.
  4. Factors, such as stress, which keep the Client stuck are removed…

 ….empowering lasting health and wellbeing.

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