Stephanies’ story – recovered from M.E for 1 year
“I had suffered with CFS for 2 years, which came on after a bout of Epstine Barr virus and it had got so bad I left work as the brain fog and fatigue were too much. When I was at my Doctors I saw a different GP to normal and he mentioned he knew someone who used mind-body science which teaches tools I would use to self heal.  It all sounded a bit ‘alternative’ to me, but I decided I had nothing to lose but to call Keira.  She explained over the phone that she had also suffered from ME for a long time and how she had got better.  She also explained why this mind-body science worked so I felt more confident about going for a session.

Keira was really caring and easy to talk to and I felt that she knew exactly what I was going through.  As well as taking a full history of my issues she got me to do some exercises to prove for myself why the mind-body science worked.  I was amazed at what I discovered in that first session, it was like the penny dropped there and then.  I learnt a really easy to use tool in that session which started to make a difference as soon as I left How to Heal.  I could suddenly start doing things that I would not have done before, like going out with my husband and friends to dinner – without the symptoms getting worse, as I was so used to for so long – I had always paid the price! 

In subsequent sessions I learnt more about how to spot the stress habits which were keeping me ill.  It was really surprised at exactly how many negative thoughts I was having when I started to pay attention to them, it was quite depressing to realise this.  However, Keira pointed out that due to the biological effect of ME / CFS my body was producing abnormal chemicals which was actually effecting the thoughts I was having – it really is an illness of a vicious circle.  I can now see why ME / CFS plagues people’s lives for so many years – if you do not understand it and how it really works – not only do you have an illness which makes you think negatively, most people like me experience bad things when they have it – I lost my job and lost my social life as well, this made me feel even worse, which made me think negative thoughts – all adding to the illness which is activated by even the tiniest negative thought!!!

I would say after my first session with Keira it was about 6 weeks before I would say the ME / CFS went.  I was still tired but I could tell that if I did something ‘stressful’ without using the tools I would not have had a rehash of the symptoms.  I was pretty much lying down for for over a year so I spent about 3 months building my energy back up.  Keira advised me to act like I had been in a hospital bed for 2 months and are now in recovery -a bit more every day – and I still used the Tools to generate more energy.

Today I feel great and I am starting a new job next week.  I still use the Tools Keira taught me for things like generating confidence or relaxing when I am stressed.  I particularly like the Reiki mp3 when I am getting off to sleep.  Mediating was useful to help me heal when I had ME but I still do it every morning as I learnt on the How to Heal course that it helps you remain healthy and keep happy.  This year my husband and I are going to Kenya on Safari and soon after that we would like to start a family – I had really felt like my life was over before I met Keira and now I feel like I have so much to live for, thank you How to Heal, you gave me my life back :-)”
Stephanie B, IT Administration,  London

Dan’s feedback – currently on the How to Heal programme for M.E / CFS
“Keira Henry is a wonderful practitioner of this healing method. Having tried other processes for the healing of M.E., I have found that Keira’s method is much broader; it’s effectiveness comes from the fact that it provides a much wider spectrum of healing resources, and that it can be tailored to individual needs and requirements. Keira is warm, understanding and very easy to get along with. She is also highly professional and knowledgeable in her field. She is great at explaining everything you need to know in a simple and accessible way. It is obvious that she cares deeply about her clients and their healing, and she is highly committed to achieving a positive outcome in each individual case. I can highly recommend her!”
Dan, Teacher, Fulham

Anna’s story – recovered from Fibromyalgia
After a few days of learning the tools the pain in my legs started to diminish and I did not feel like I had a hangover every morning.  I did have some bad days where something really stressful happened and I did not use the tools – I could see the correlation between stress and aggravation of symptoms.  All in all it took about two months before I felt I was no longer having symptoms. Keira would often ask me ‘how are you out of ten today?’ and at the start I was about 4 out of 10 but over the weeks I was 8 out of 10…in comparison now I am probably 15 out of 10 I feel so much better.  Although that was not an instant cure, and took a while of ‘taking the medicine’ it did work, as Keira promised and every day I was using the tools but was still sick, was a much better day than just being ill.  In fact, even if I had never got totally better, it was better to have Fibromyalgiaand use the tools to do more than I had before than to just be ill. It feels great to go to a yoga class, just like a normal person. It is so nice not to wrap myself in cotton wool, scared to do anything lest I felt more ill.
Anna, Housewife, Surrey

Sarah B’s story – recovered from CFS for 9 months
“I was off work more and more with CFS.  The last bought before I saw Keira I was 2 months off sick.  I used to consider it a good day if I didnt watch Hollyoaks as that meant ‘something’ had happened where I had not been lying in front of the TV. I thought my illness was just an illness so I was really surprised to realise there were actual ‘payoffs’ for being ill.  Keira spent a long time asking me about my illness and my life and stress in it.  Firstly I was surprised to realise that I actually had not been enjoying my job for a long time…I was constantly stressed.  Secondly I realised through Keira’ questions that even though I did not want to be ill and in pain, I did actually gain from being ill – I got to be sick the days I didn’t want to go to work and I got to say ‘no’ to friends and family when I did not want to do whatever was being asked of me.  Lucikly on the course I learnt new ways to be assertive in the future so that would not be an issue with me getting well and staying well.  Apparently unconcious brain can be a little monkey and our ‘payoffs’ can take us back to the illness if we dont find new ways of getting what is good for us.  I guess I have been quite a big people pleaser in my life, but I came to realise that if I continued to do this I may well remain ill.

Keira really understands and has been there herself.  She explained that a lot of people who get CFS are caring people and it is a trait to be admired, as long as it does not get us sick! It is about balance.  I learnt really powerful tools that I can do on my own anytime when I feel I am causing myself to be in a habit which causes stress.  Keira warned me not to make her mistake and for the first few years after CFS you are more vulnerable – your brain needs to strenghten the neural pathways of wellness which takes time.  Being kind to myself and putting myself first is something I work on every day and it takes time.  In some ways I guess getting ME was a blessing as I have learnt and I continue to learn to put myself first and if I dont have my health, I have next to nothing. A hard, but valuable lesson.

I have been back at work full time now but I dont think it is what I want in the future, but thanks to ME I have admitted that to myself.  I am thinking of doing a TEFL course and working abroad for a  while.  Thank you Keira and How to Heal for giving me the opportunity to live from a point of choice rather than survival.”
Sarah B, Trainee Accountant, Bromley

Sarah H’s story – recovered from M.E / CFS
“I went on another mind – body connection training but it was impractical to do the long ‘process’ all the time as it meant doing steps and talking to myself in public, so I wasn’t using it much, and did not get hugely better. How to Heal has a really simple tool that I used just in my mind that works really well to stop the symptoms of ME, so I could start doing activities that had previously made me feel sick without any new symptoms as long as I did the technique in my mind – it was so much easier as it meant I could live my life and recover at the same time…without having to do ridiculous looking steps in the shopping centre!! I got my health back, hurrah!”
Sarah, Sales and Marketing Manager, St Albans

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