M.S’s story – recovered from IBS
“I have been suffering from IBS for around 15 years, since my early twenties. The condition started in a ‘mild’ form and has worsened in certain periods of emotional and/or physical stress and erupted in a very severe form five years ago. At the time of severe eruption I was stressed out due to excessive work, a failed relationship, building works at my home, financial worries and 4-5 hours of sleep a day. It all culminated when I fainted at the office, was taken to hospital and then had a 2 month sick leave from work. During my off-duty period I fell into depression, was given anti-depressives but discontinued them after a few months, went back to work and worked on a time consuming project which again left me with very little sleep. I started bloating excessively, looked pregnant, my digestion was virtually blocked and I put on around 20 pounds within two months. I couldn’t recognize myself emotionally or physically and could not contain myself. Despite a very healthy diet, frequent and physical activity (spinning, yoga, meditation and long walks) I couldn’t lose weight and diets did not help. Emotionally I became very frail and my self-esteem feel to an all time low level, affecting my self-confidence too, the latter having always been strong. I feel into desperation, started to feel revolted by my mental and physical condition and spent a lot of time and money on psychologists and several specialists. The doctors diagnosed me to suffer from IBS to which they could not offer any cure but a continuous healthy diet regime and physical activity. It took time for me to realize that the condition was induced by my emotional state and I then saw three different psychologists, went to a homeopath, I was hypnotized by two different people and had massages, all to no avail. I was very unhappy, felt misguided and abandoned and slipped self-loath while my condition worsened.

I later learned that lack of sleep worsened my condition but it was not until I meet Keira Henry and started having sessions with her that things started to change. Emotionally and physically. Keira showed a high degree of empathy, sympathy, care, warmth, persistence and affection which made me feel comfortable and secure throughout her company and treatment. Keira’s approach was very different to those I had otherwise been treated by because it required preparation and a forward looking approach, things I had not previously been faced with. I have read a lot of self-help books in the past but the material Keira presented me with was simple to approach, easy to understand and effectively guiding the client (me) in one direction: healing me and helping me to get the health and life force back I once had. The work and preparation required was straightforward. I was asked evident questions I had not been asked before and during the sessions I felt listened to without any judgment or reproach. Keira’s grounded persona not only made me realize that the road to healing is simple and within my own means – I had the healing powers within – she also motivated and comforted me to a degree that made me feel taken care of. That love and care has been detrimental for my cure and I have not experienced that warmth and genuine concern with any other treatment.

Keira has put me on a life long path of beautiful self-realisation. Within very few days of treatment I started feeling a significant change in my mental well-being, my belly started flattening and physically I felt that heavy burdens were leaving my body. Keira commenced a physical cure of me, which remains to be within my own powers to sustain, and she also changed my perception of myself, my family, my friends, my colleagues, people I surround myself with or face. I feel so much more energized today and have learned the way to self-cure whenever a stressful situation arises. I have continued to read Keira’s Healing Book whenever I have fallen into despair and bring Keira Tool Card Cheat Sheet with me anywhere I go. The latter gives me the comforting sensation of bringing Keira and her healing anywhere I am. The empowerment I have received and maintain with Keira’s healing is beyond any teaching I have ever received.

I highly recommend Keira for her healing powers, her warmth, her compassion and not at least her laughter which has made the at times painful journey I have been through so joyful, enlightening and empowering.”
M.S Lawyer, Copenhagen

Adam’s story – recovered from IBS
“Six years ago I was diagnosed with stress and IBS and was off sick for 2 months following which I underwent different treatments, medical and coaching as well as more alternative methods including Homeopathy.  Whilst the various treatments eased the stress in the short term, the IBS I never overcame and I felt stressed easily, not at least due to a demanding job. Keira was recommended to me and since I started working with her I have felt profound recovery and a tremendous shift in physical and mental wellbeing.  Where everything else failed, Keira’s gifted coaching has proven measurable results for me.”
Adam, Recruitment Consultant, London