Supporting Research

The Supporting Research you find here provides further information about the positive scientific research behind How to Heal. The information is spilt by areas and is regularly updated with the latest findings. Further reading and video content about the subjects on this website is available from the Links page.

Research on Digestion Issues
  1. Scientific research confirmation that Stress is strongly linked to Digestive issues such as IBS – Science Direct IBS and Stress report and Gut and Stress Report and Psychosomatic Medicine Report
  2. Research linking IBS with Environment and psychological factors
  3. Further research on Stress and it’s impact on inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Chron’s Disease – Medical Research Report
  1. Read about inflammatory responses and how stress is often involved in this Science Direct Report and Research Report
  2. More evidence supporting Stress causes Disease.
  3. Effect of Stress on immunity – Medical Research Report
  4. Medical research report outlining link between chronic back pain and stress
  5. Research on lower back pain at work and the link with stress – Report
  6. Medical research proving the vicious circle of stress
  7. Research showing the power of ‘perception’ and the mind in research which shows pills have a ‘placebo’ effect
  8. Medical review highlighting research that placebos work because when our brain expects healing, it produces a biological response which enables self healing.
  9. Research on ‘neuro-plasticity’ which shows how your brain and body can learn new responses – Neuro-plastisity Wikipedia 
  10. Information on ‘Implicit Learning’ – learning in an accident manner, without concious choice, which is how stress related conditions take hold – Implicit Learning Wikipedia
  11. Learn more about what happens to your body during the stress response – Stress Response Mayo Clinic Report and Stress Wikipedia
  12. Information on why we get diseases – Bruce Lipton Nature of Disease