Why How to Heal Works

How to Heal’s speciality is teaching people how to break the Vicious Circle of Stress. We work closely with you to teach you how to cut out the Vicious Circle  – and when it has  been cut enough times – it is possible to positively influence your health as healing can take place when Stress has been removed from your body.

How we do it

The How to Heal programme works with you as an individual. Every single person on this planet is unique and we all respond to stress differently.  We take a detailed case study to find out about you, your condition and your own personal Vicious Circle in order to produce a tailor made plan.

One of the greatest things about How to Heal is that you learn to be empowered to change your health because you will learn how to cut the Vicious Circle yourself. This is done by learning to recognise the only parts of it that can become conscious to you – the part which affects your thoughts and feelings.

You learn that any negative thoughts and feelings give the Vicious Circle energy and how to become aware of this at a conscious level. Then you can use really powerful tools to change these thoughts and feelings for new behaviours which won’t activate your abnormal stress response.  It is like taking a pill to heal, but instead you are using yourself. If you practise regularly, it is possible for healing to take place because those nasty stress hormones will not be playing havoc with your body!

As well as this, during your session times Keira will not only support and coach you, a variety of NLP, CBT and other healing techniques (such as visualisations and hypnotheraphy) can be used to help move your recovery on to the next level.

What do I have to do?

There are two main tools you will use on your own to self heal (and over eight supporting tools).  They are based on NLP, CBT and Mind-Body Science (psycho-neuro-immunology)  – they are really easy and in no way harmful.  The tools allow you to cut the Vicious Circle.  One of them you do in your mind and one of them requires standing up and a bit of movement.  Sounds crazy? It will all make sense!  They get you into a good emotional and mental state which removes the stress hormones that are keeping you ill. They also activate healing chemicals and enhance the immune system responses.  Once you know how to use them they can make a positive difference to your day to day life.  Not only for healing, they help you feel great and you will be able to tap into powerful resources whenever you want to.

Read on to The How to Heal Programme for a comprehensive guide to what the sessions entail.