Samantha’s story – recovered from depression
“I have been in therapy for years, my mum also has depression, I thought I was just genetically predisposed to it – turns out that is fairly true – there is a gene but Keira explained how important the environment is.  I did have a fairly stressful time before the first bought of depression – a relationship breakup.  What really stuck out on the programme was learning about how your body remembers – ‘implicit learning’- because I went through the depression, even though I felt better – it came back three times and each time seemed to last longer – the more I was ill the more my body remembered it and the more powerful it became – wow!

It was really helpful to me to remember the vicious circle needs to be broken and I forced myself at first to use the tools, even when I felt ‘depressive’ and not in the mood for it.  After a few days I actually enjoyed it because I could feel I was lighter in my head, the negative thoughts that were constantly there and the general blue feelings were not as strong.  I use the Inside Out every morning, it gets me started for the day.  I often take myself off to the loo at work and use it so I can feel ‘kind and compassionate’ to one very annoying collegue rather than angry!  It is really freeing to realise that I have a choice, I can be depressed but I know where that road goes, or I can say ‘no’ and use the Inside Out and the How to Heal tools to stop the vicious circle and get myself into a positive state.  Sometimes it is hard work, I have had years of depression in my mind and body and when I am stressed I can feel a little pull to the dark side, but I just think you can make a choice – depression or happiness but happiness takes a bit of work – but I think that is true of anything worth having.  I highly recommend How to Heal as it has really helped me get enjoyment from life again, I look to a bright future rather than a grey one.”
Samantha, Media Sales Manager, London

Michael’s story – recovered from Anxiety after over fifteen years
“I had been in therapy for years and I was still anxious! I had been anxious since childhood and it seemed to get worse as time went on, particularly during stressful periods. Noise really got me, it set my anxiety off badly.  Other triggers included thinking about anything that was a tiny worry and obsessing about it until it finally became a big deal. I felt really anxious in my stomach and felt generally on alert, waiting for the next bad thing to happen. My boss actually told me about How to Heal and said that she had heard that anxiety disorders were a physcial as well as mental condition – your brain is physically effected.  It sounded really true to me as therapy alone was not shifting it. 

I really enjoyed being taught and coached by Keira.  She has a really easy going approach but at the same time she got me doing new things and thinking in new ways which I am surprised I was so open to.  She was very convincing!  I am really glad that I went along with it because after the first two sessions my colleagues at work said that I had stopped complaining and worrying about the slightest noise and I was more relaxed and even laughing! It was nothing like therapy where I talked a lot about my childhood. On the How to Heal course I only gave Keira the information once and then the rest of the time it was about learning to self heal. I liked this a lot as therapy sometimes felt like I was just going over old ground and not moving forward. The How to Heal course is all about moving forward and taking back the power to effect your own well being, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants change.”
Michael S, Sales Manager, London

Anna’s story – recovered from Fibromyalgia
After a few days of learning the tools the pain in my legs started to diminish and I did not feel like I had a hangover every morning.  I did have some bad days where something really stressful happened and I did not use the tools – I could see the correlation between stress and aggravation of symptoms.  All in all it took about two months before I felt I was no longer having symptoms. Keira would often ask me ‘how are you out of ten today?’ and at the start I was about 4 out of 10 but over the weeks I was 8 out of 10…in comparison now I am probably 15 out of 10 I feel so much better.  Although that was not an instant cure, and took a while of ‘taking the medicine’ it did work, as Keira promised and every day I was using the tools but was still sick, was a much better day than just being ill.  In fact, even if I had never got totally better, it was better to have Fibromyalgiaand use the tools to do more than I had before than to just be ill. It feels great to go to a yoga class, just like a normal person. It is so nice not to wrap myself in cotton wool, scared to do anything lest I felt more ill.
Anna, Housewife, Surrey

Sarah H’s story – recovered from M.E / CFS
“I went on another mind – body connection training but it was impractical to do the long ‘process’ all the time as it meant doing steps and talking to myself in public, so I wasn’t using it much, and did not get hugely better. How to Heal has a really simple tool that I used just in my mind that works really well to stop the symptoms of ME, so I could start doing activities that had previously made me feel sick without any new symptoms as long as I did the technique in my mind – it was so much easier as it meant I could live my life and recover at the same time…without having to do ridiculous looking steps in the shopping centre!! I got my health back, hurrah!”
Sarah, Sales and Marketing Manager, St Albans

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis
“The first session was not what I expected, Keira got me doing an exercise which like a ‘Eureka’ moment for me – I could clearly see how the vicious circle of stress was operating in my body and my mind.  I actually felt relieved to see how negative thinking and stress was making my illness worse – because I knew if stress was causing it I was about to learn how to beat it. Fascinating stuff. ”
A.Tomas, Sussex

Recovering from Tinnitus
“I have had tinnitus for years and I did not believe it was possible to get rid of it.  Keira has shown me that scientifically it was possible and with commitment I could reduce, even fully recover from this constant aggravation .  She has such a calm voice that I am relaxed as soon as I sit down to a session with her.  The tools really are helping, it is hard work but I have had tinnitus constantly since I was 3 and now I would say that 50% of the time it is gone and I am working on the other 50%.”
H.Jaan Teacher, Battersea

Recovered from crippling Migraines
“I found the How to Heal course to be extremely helpful to my symptoms.  I used the tools and slowly but surely I have learnt to control my thoughts and I now understand the patterns that were operating when the migraines hit.  I don’t really know how to explain it, all to say that I somehow know ‘not to go there’ when a feel energy building which would have in the past lead to a headache. I know understand I was operating habits that were very unconscious – it was not that I meant to have headaches, but I did not know how to stop them – now I do.  A great course. I do feel empowered. ”.
R. Hammond, Executive Assistant, West London