Healing tips – Yoga

Hello! I am shortly going to Yoga which I first got into a few years ago when I was very stressed, after friends told me it is very good for relaxation – and indeed they were right! Not only do I feel the positive effects of yoga on my well-being, now as a Mind-Body health practitioner, I study the science behind healing I know that there is scientific proof to prove it really helps.  Read here for positive research from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of yoga.  It is proven to be more beneficial for activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the biological system in our bodies that helps you heal) than simply resting alone!

Healing from chronic conditions can be hard work and you need to put healing above all other things in your life for a period until you are better.  In my experience, the most successful people at empowering their own recovery are the ones who make healing fun and add variety.  Yoga is a great way to do this. But I do recommend caution if you have a condition such as ME / CFS or back pain, which are made worse by activity.  Contact me directly and tell me your condition and I will advise you of best course of action or look for specialist yoga teachers for your issues.  Good start up DVDs are ‘Yoga for Dummies‘ or ‘Beat Fatigue with Yoga

Wishing you lasting wellness.


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